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Sangay Lodge El Quishuar

Sleeping-room and lounge

Kitchen and dining-room

Showers an toilets

Sangay Lodge “El Quishuar“

The Sangay Lodge “El Quishuar“ is named after a local species of tree, a fine example of which is located next to the house. This tree is the symbol of the Lodge. The facilities consist of two parts: firstly, a building with kitchen and dining room and secondly, sleeping accommodation for twelve guests along with a small oven-heated communal area and with the toilets and warm showers.

The project has been financed by the REGALO association ( based in Switzerland.
The Lodge is for eco-tourism, for nature lovers and adventurers, for mountaineers, and for scientific groups studying the ecosystem of the zone. All members of the community can profit from the project, whether by supplying foodstuffs or by renting out horses, or as specialized tourist guides, or through the sale of craft products.


The old Quishuar tree, the symbol of the Sangay Lo